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It's October, 2001!

I have the following


coming up in the future:

I will be selling my artwork, as well as many cacti I have remaining from my former nursery business, at the Tesuque Pueblo Flea Market (formerly the Santa Fe Flea) quite often over the course of the warmer season. The Flea is closed Jan and Feb., but I'll be back sometime in late April, 2002. If you are really really wanting to see me there... E-Mail Meand I'll try to give you the next date that I'll be there for sure! And I guess everybody knows pretty much where the Flea is: Take St. Francis through and on out of Santa Fe: it turns into Hwy. 284. The Flea is on the hill below the Opry House and has it's own exit, well-marked.

For other arts events I'll be participating in, go to my new website, link at right!

Here's another painting of mine: "I Wonder if the Moon rides a Horse..."
acrylic on muslin, handmade frame of pine, @22"x26"
c. Turtle Woman, 1998

Turtle Woman

Painter Sculptor Storyteller

Cactus Enthusiast

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"Mommy, does the Sun come up riding a Horse?", acrylic on canvas, handmade frame, 28"x 34" c.1999 by Turtle Woman



All things change, as that is the nature of a dynamic universe. I find since I started this website in 1997 that I have changed... quite a bit! Some of these changes are organic, a part of my growth process. Others of these changes were brought about by outside circumstances. It is due to a combination of these two that I will no longer be using the nom-de-plume "Turtle Woman", neither as a way to be addressed or as a business name. I will no longer be signing my work as "Turtle Woman", either. It seemed appropriate to the scale of this change that I launch a NEW WEBSITE under my new name, on which to show my new work. So...


This "Turtle Woman" site will remain up for the forseeable future, however, so that those interested can see my older work and read the Sonoran Desert pages.

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"I am a painter and sculptor whose images are inspired by my love of this planet; a deep empathy for animals, and a feminist worldview. Within my artworks, "ordinary reality" is often suspended: the landscape of mythos and dreams is explored. This landscape is most often populated with horses and women and wolves. Rocks and strange plants serve for landmarks, and the living Sun and Moon hold court above.

Each piece of art I make tells a story: sometimes the stories come from my own imagination; but often the stories come from the folktales of various cultures. Lately I find myself telling these stories in poetry form.

My work is colorful and emotional: it is often humorous. Each piece illustrates my reverence for the rich tapestry that is life on earth: waking and sleeping; heroic and humble; sacred and profane."

My "Turtle Woman" e-mail address is still valid, for those who would like to contact me from this site. Click HERE to mail me, and I do promise that I will respond!

Thanks for visiting; come back again soon, and do Sign My Guestbook if you've a mind to!

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"A woman who works with her hands is a laborer...

A woman who works with her hands and her head is a craftswoman...

A woman who works with her hands, her head, and her heart is an artist."

(found posted on a gallery door in Taos!)