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A Wiser Lion Now

This piece was inspired by a tale from the Yaquis of Old Mexico. The mountain lion is carved from a redwood 4"x 6" post scrap, with color washes of acrylic paint and the insects from whom Lion learned so much painted in fine line in acrylics also. He wears necklaces of glass beads, and is 6" high x about 14" long. Scroll below the photo to read the story.

Everyone knows that Mountain Lion is the Chief of all the animals, and very wise. But he wasn't always so wise...Once, long ago, young Lion was walking about the mountains, when out from behind a rock jumped a cricket. The lion tried to catch the cricket, but it jumped all about, chirping derisively, eluding him. "And just who do you think you are?" demanded the lion with a growl. "I am the chief of a tribe more valiant than you or your trtibe!" answered the cricket. And he kept on chirping...The lion replied, "You want to make fun of me, but you are mistaken- I am the chief of all the animals, and terribly powerful!" The cricket said; "My soldiers are not big in stature, but in bravery they are immense...much braver than YOU!" "Then bring them on !" roared Lion, "I will fight all of you!" And cricket disappeared, but presently he returned with all his troops- swarms of all the insects of the land! They descended on Lion and bit and stung him till he couldn't stand it anymore, while all he could do was swat at them, missing every one. Ouch! Able to take it no longer, Lion ran off to a nearby pond and immersed himself in the water. It was soothing and the insects couldn't get him there. After a while cricket came down to the water and said, "Well, so now you have fought my people- do you agree that we are greater than you?" Lion looked up and saw all the insects behind cricket, just waiting to pounce again. He thought about it, and said,"Yes, you and your people may be small, but you have defeated me- you are great indeed!" "Then go in peace..." said cricket, and he and all his folk flew and hopped off on their own separate ways. And presently, when Lion had recovered a bit, he left on his, having learned a lesson, a bit more wisdom on the way to becomming the wisest of the animals. The Yaquis say there is no small enemy: everyone can defend himself.

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