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I Stand for my Horse

This painting was inspired by some lines from the Navajo "Song of the Horse", a pretty well- known "song cycle" praising all that is both physical and metaphysical about the horse in the eyes of the Navajo. Those of us who know and love horses understand these words completely and feel exactly the same way.

This is not the first painting I have done on this theme- in fact it's the third! It is turning into a real work in series as I strive to depict ever more completely the spiritual nature of the horse and of the horse-human relationship.

This painting is acrylic on raw canvas with a saguaro rib frame, 3 feet high x 4 feet wide.

Scroll below the picture to read the exerpt from the "Song of the Horse" that inspired this painting.

The Holy Wind blows through his mane

his mane is made of rainbows

my horse's ears are made of round corn

my horse's eyes are made of stars

my horse's head is made of mixed waters

my horse's teeth are made of white shell

the Long Rainbow is in his mouth for a bridle

with it I guide him

When my horse neighs

different-colored horses follow

when my horse neighs

different-colored sheep follow

I am wealthy from my horse

Before me peaceful

behind me peaceful

under me peaceful

over me peaceful

around me peaceful

peaceful voice when he neighs

I am everlasting and peaceful

I stand for my horse.

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