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Grandfather Toad

The story of how he brought Rain to the Corn, and to the People

This piece was inspired by one of the many traditional Yaqui tales about "Grandfather Toad", who is also known as "Bobok" - a name meant to sound like the toad's croaking. It is carved from a 4"x 6" redwood post scrap, length about 8". Decorated with acrylic paints.

Blackbird, it was; who first brought Corn to the People. But there was no Rain and the Corn would not grow. Many others, including Roadrunner, tried to go up and bring back the Rain, but each one was chased off by Yuku, the boisterous Thunder-Being who protected the Rain up in the Sky.

Toad said he thought that he might be able to help. He gathered up his many children and grandchildren and told them to wait all along the road to the Sky-House where Yuku lived. Then Toad went right up to Yuku's door and shouted out for Rain. Furious, Yuku came out, throwing Thunderbolts at Toad. Singing; "Bobok; bobok...", Toad hopped off down the road. Yuku chased after, and Clouds and Rain came along behind. Soon Yuku saw another toad, and then another and another; all singing- and all hopped off down the road. Yuku's fury grew VERY great: he became determined to catch ALL the toads. Down the road he chased the growing family of toads, throwing Thunderbolts all the way! A great Storm built up behind. The toads sang and hopped all down the road, and Yuku and his great Storm chased them; all the way to the cornfield of the People. Exhausted, his fury spent, Yuku released the Rain: and the Great Storm, the first Monsoon, irrigated the corn. All the toads sang in celebration; just as they still do today when the Monsoon comes.

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