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Elder Brother and the Spider People

I'itoi, or Elder Brother, is a Great Spirit of the O'odham People (indigenous to southeast Arizona). He has lived on the Earth since it was first formed by Earth Doctor (The Creator; God). There are many many tales of Elder Brother's adventures. I really like this one. This painting is acrylic on cotton broadcloth, 18 x 24 inches.

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"I wonder if the Moon rides a horse...": painting
A Wiser Lion Now: sculpture
The Dawn Women: painting
I Stand for my Horse: painting
"Mommy, does the sun come up riding a horse?": painting
Grandfather Toad: sculpture
The Wonderful Watermelon Horse: sculpture

Long ago, a great flood came and covered the Earth. When he saw the water rising, Elder Brother wove himself a big watertight basket. He sat in it and floated around during the flood. After the water receded, he noticed that the Earth was still floating and bobbing about: it could not settle in one place. Elder Brother knew just what to do. He called the spiders to come and weave webs to hold the land steady. He told them to sew Earth and Sky together. And they did. Some water leaked thru openings in the webs, and those are the lakes and oceans of today. And the Earth and Sky are together still; and Elder Brother still lives here, somewhere on the slopes of Mt. Baboquivari, southwest of Tucson.

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