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"I Wonder if the Moon rides a horse...", acrylic on raw canvas with handmade frame; @22"x 28" Original still available! $275.00 includes shipping and sales tax.

Laser Prints of the above image available now! Image area 8"x 10" matted in white (fits 11"x 14" frame)...$15.00 each includes shipping via priority mail and sales tax.

"Elder Brother and the Spider People", acrylic on canvas; unframed; 16"x20" Original still available! $175.00 includes shipping and sales tax. No prints available at this time.

"The Dawn Women", acrylic on canvas: original unavailable, however laser prints are available, image area 8"x 10", in a white mat to fit an 11"x 14" frame. Price $15.00 each includes shipping via priority mail and sales tax.

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Affordable Art

This page very much under construction!

This page will feature works of my art that are available for sale...all very reasonably priced. I would like to mention here that I believe artwork should be affordable for everyone, not just persons of means. I will always charge the most reasonable price possible for my art! Prints of several of my paintings shown on this website are available now (see sidebar) There will soon also be notecards. A couple of the originals are still also available. Soon you'll also see here more originals and new prints, small as well as large sculptures, retablos (paintings on wood, each unique), and my hand painted goose eggs from my own mother goose!

So please check back soon for more affordable art!

How To Order

The prices quoted for artwork are for shipping to US and Canadian addresses only. Others please contact me for shipping charges!

I accept personal checks drawn on US banks or money orders (US dollars). Please contact me before you order, by E-Mail or by phone at: 520.825.9620

Send the order itself (don't forget to include description of what you're ordering and check or money order made payable to "Turtle Woman" for the total of the ordered pieces.) to:

Turtle Woman
P.O. Box 8443
Catalina, AZ. 85738-0443

A couple things to note: Shipping and sales tax are included in the price of each piece, so there are no hidden charges here, and...
At this time and until further notice I will be using the Arizona address above for orders and shipping. I will be changing over to the New Mexico address in the future but when I do that will be reflected here.

As always, my most profuse thanks for your continued interest in my artwork!

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